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No Resolution? You Don't Pay!

I believe people who claim to help, ought to help.  Old fashioned? Maybe. But I stand by my work because I know it's effective.  I cannot guarantee you'll get everything you want, but I promise to deliver on the objectives you agree on in advance, or you don't pay! 

I knew I was onto something in 1999 when parties reconciled after just 3 hours of my time --this after multiple lawsuits between the parties over two years.   I am not promising miracles will result in every case.  I'm just saying, I have seen my work produce results.  -Heidi Pliam
 Heidi Pliam


Try me!  You have nothing to lose and all this to gain:


  • Money spent on legal fees
  • Time wasted on posturing and fighting
  • Stress and frustration 



  • No pressure to settle 
  • Voluntary
  • Retain control over the process and the outcome


  • Trust 
  • Relationships
  • Productivity
  • Joy of living

I'll help you consider ALL options:

  • Individual advice, counsel and coaching 
  • Mediation
  • Legal evaluation (through our associates)
  • Arbitration, fast-track litigation, interim agreements
  • Moral, ethical and spiritual perspectives

I provide counsel on all aspects of conflict, settlement and transforming conflict into opportunities.  The purpose is to explore all your options before diving into a solution.  This is NOT legal advice or advocacy and does not replace hiring a lawyer.

My work combines multiple disciplines (mediation, law, psychology, sociology, spirituality, and coaching) pulled together after a lifetime of study and practice in these areas.  The goal of my work is not only to settle conflicts, but to have my clients emerge from the process better equipped with tools and strategies to avoid conflicts in the future.

How can conflict become opportunity?

The easy answer is that life is nothing but an opportunity to learn, and conflict is always ripe with lessons.  Not uncommonly, clients tell me they have done everything humanly possible to satisfy the other party, only to find out there was still something to learn.  

Minimally, my clients benefit from examining their conflict styles and strategies for avoiding conflict. And those curious about a deeper meaning will not be disappointed.  

Do I need a lawyer?

Although I'm a lawyer, I believe legal evaluation is (at best) only a small part of what "should" happen in a dispute.  It's an individual preference. Some people want to know what a court would decide.  Others give no credence to legalities and prefer to focus on what the parties can solve for themselves.  

That said, the passion for my resolution work came from seeing how unhelpful and even destructive the mention of "legal rights" can be to relationships.  Still, there is no absolute right or wrong here. I help YOU decide what aligns with your values! 

If you already have a lawyer, no problem.  He/she can participate or not - that's for you, your lawyer and the party in dispute.