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Thank you for considering our firm for your legal needs. 

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IMPORTANT:  Applying and paying the initial retainer does not ensure we will be able to represent you in a legal matter.  We hope to welcome you as a new client, but sometimes we are prevented from doing so, such as if we have a conflict of interest.

I Have a Quick Question

If you are not a client but have a quick question, feel free to submit the question here.  Please note that submitting a question is a public service and does not create an attorney-client relationship.  As such, any answer we provide is strictly voluntary and “off the cuff” and does not substitute for legal advice.  Also, you agree we can share your question to help others by publishing it (without your name).

Let’s Have a “Get to Know You” Meeting.

We encourage everyone to shop around and be very choosy about who you hire as an attorney for your legal matter.    We too are choosy in who we want to work with.  Having a quick 10-15 minute zoom meeting to get to know each other is a great use of time that we encourage and offer free of charge.

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For new and potential clients both, this is the place to submit payments.  We appreciate your business!