Behind the Curtain.

The "Us" in "About Us" is me - Heidi Pliam, backed by a number of amazing contractors that help me do what I do best. Technically, I'm a solo practice attorney licensed to practice in Minnesota as well as the Federal Court system.   

The firm manages three brands: serving the unique needs of real estate investors, providing affordable services to bootstrapping entrepreneurs, and providing free trademark information (also one of the first major law sites ever to receive worldwide acclaim in the legal field).  

Founder of Resolve Counsel PLLC


Heidi Pliam is a lifelong entrepreneur, as well as real estate investor, certified coach and attorney. She's a pioneer in the practice of dispute resolution coaching, applying coaching methods to conflicted relationships starting in 2007.

A life-long Phi Beta Kappa honorary society member, Heidi is an 1991 magna cum laude graduate of the University of Minnesota and a 1997 cum laude graduate of Mitchell Hamline law school (formerly William Mitchell College of Law).   More about Heidi.